Specialists & Referrals

  • An application made available in Practice Management Software. Currently working in the Medtech PMS. Medtech software is used by the majority of GPs in New Zealand.
  • Specialists & Referrals enables GP’s and practice staff to search for a Specialist that is appropriate for their patient and to complete an electronic referral to the Specialist.
  • All specialists in the printed Medical Specialists & Hospitals directory are automatically included in Specialists & Referrals.
  • Clients with Display and Listing Profiles in the Medical Specialists & Hospital directory automatically receive a featured Specialists & Referrals entry where additional content can be added free of charge as required.

All entries on Specialists & Referrals are displayed in entry size order (based on the Medical Specialists directory) and for display advert clients according to their seniority ranking (edition current entry size first booked).

For more information on being represented in Specialists & Referrals contact Cervin Media on (09) 360 8700.

GP and practice staff user Guides:

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Specialists & Referrals an application within Medical Practice Software.

Currently working in the Medtech PMS.

For assistance getting set up please contact our Support team on (09) 360 8700.