We live in the information age and as such people are looking for more than a name and phone number and increasingly people are searching for health and wellbeing related information online.

Healthpages is being used by both the public and those within the health and wellbeing sector.

  • The public are using healthpages to research credible information about health and wellbeing providers prior to making a choice on who they want to be referred to (Medical Specialists) or as part of making a decision on who to contact directly.
  • Health professionals are using healthpages to assist their patients/clients with referrals to Medical Specialists, Allied Health professionals, NGO Services, Community Support Groups, Home Support Services, Retirement and Rest-home options.
  • Some GP Practice Management Software have links in their software to healthpages, e.g. MyPractice.
  • Staff in the broader health and wellbeing sector are using healthpages to assist clients with other health or support services. They are either looking on healthpages and recommending someone or informing the client to look on healthpages.
  • Even some community constables are using the healthpages iPhone app to assist their clientele with support services.

healthpages is typically visited by more than 70,000 New Zealanders monthly who visit around 150,000 pages monthly (Source Google Analytics site tracking)

If it is important that the public and /or those working in the health and wellbeing sector can find detailed information about you and the services and treatments you offer, then you must include a detailed profile on healthpages as part of your online presence.

A detailed profile on healthpages enables you to include unlimited text about yourself and the services and or treatments you provide with a link to your website for more information. Even Videos can be added.