A Short History of Our Beginnings

In 1989 my wife, Anne-Marie, and I along with two friends set up a publishing company at our house. For several years we produced annual community directories for councils throughout the country, before deciding to create our own directories in the education sector based on the same business model – directories with quality information funded by advertising/listings and distributed free to a niche market.

In 1991 I decided to expand and create a directory in the health sector, and for months I constantly tried to find an information gap in the health sector. One day as I was taking my son to the doctor I began to think about the information a GP needed. In my mind I ran through a GP’s consultation process with a patient – discussion, examination, prescription and possible referral to a medical specialist. I knew GPs had an annual publication about the different medicines, but I suspected that they didn’t have organised information on all the different specialists.

At the end of the consultation the GP said that if the prescribed medicine didn’t work he would refer my son to a specialist. I asked him how he knew which specialist to refer a patient. He showed me a folder that contained a stapled list of specialists the medical centre used. The folder also contained business cards, and some specialists had sent him letters with detailed information about their areas of expertise, which he said was very useful. I suggested that what GPs needed was a comprehensive directory updated annually with detailed information on specialists – he agreed that this was a good idea. I had found an information gap!

Within a month my wife, Anne-Marie, and I wrote to every specialist in New Zealand inviting them to participate in the first edition of our new annual publication about to be distributed free to every GP in the country – The New Zealand Medical Specialists & Hospitals Directory. Some 25 years later a greatly expanded and developing version of this directory can now be found on our website www.cervinmedia.co.nz.

Maurice Cervin

Director Cervin Media